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Sample Warrior's Lanyard

Warrior’s Lanyard


Product Description

Our in-stock Warrior’s lanyards are available in a wide variety of braids and colors and include a metal hook for attaching the double eagle claws of a mighty Warrior (Hardway or Honorary).

This page can be used to place an order for a lanyard that we currently have in stock.  If you don’t mind what colors and style of lanyard you get, simply use this page to order the number of lanyards you would like, and we will randomly select one(s) for you!

If you have a few color preferences in mind but still aren’t too picky, place an order from this page and then immediately send us an email at to tell us what color options you’d prefer to have if available.  We’ll pick out one from what we currently have in stock that matches your preferences as much as possible and send it to you.




(Note: Hardway or Honorary Warrior claws must be purchased separately.)