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Sample of hand painted feathers
Mature Golden Eagle Hand Painted FeatherImmature Bald Eagle Hand Painted FeatherBald Eagle Wing Hand Painted FeatherCooper Hawk Hand Painted FeatherRed Tail Hawk Hand Painted Feather

Eagle Feathers – Hand-Painted



Product Description

These hand-painted imitation eagle feathers are available in six different types:

  • Bald Eagle Wing
  • Salt & Pepper (Semi-Mature) Bald Eagle
  • Immature Bald Eagle
  • Mature Golden Eagle
  • Semi-Mature Golden Eagle
  • Immature Golden Eagle

Price: $6.95 per feather

Additional Information


Bald Eagle Wing, Immature Bald Eagle, Immature Golden Eagle, Mature Golden Eagle, Salt & Pepper Bald Eagle, Semi-Mature Golden Eagle