Each of the following instruction sheets are revisions of instructions that were first produced by Ed Simon, Chieftain One Goose. These instructions come complete with Ed’s illustrations to help navigate you through the process.

Years of Practice

Ed ran the Mic-O-Say Store at the Camp Geiger Trading Post for years and was the predecessor to what later became the Yellow Medicine Trading Post and which has now evolved into The Inner Circle Trade Company.

Mr. Simon’s instructions have served Tribesmen well for decades but recently Bob Hamman, Medicine Man White Bow, has put together a more thorough document which will help the reader better understand the entire process of bustle building. The document Bustle Building the White Bow Way should help the novice have a greater understanding of how bustles should come together.

Please view and download any of these instruction sheets. They are provided free of charge for your convenience!

Ed Simon, Chieftain One Goose