Friday, February 12, 2016
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Custom-Beaded Shoes

At the Inner Circle Trade Company, we’ve beaded a lot of shoes!

We have found that walking across gravel lots in moccasins can be a rather gingerly stroll, which is why a few years back we started doing what many Native Americans at Pow-Wows do: we started beading water shoes! They have hard rubber soles and can be worn comfortably for hours. The best part, we use sturdy D size nylon thread that will not rot. So if your shoes get muddy, just hose them off and let them dry out. They are now water shoes with glass beads and nylon thread!

We can bead shoes in sizes 8–13. Caution: order one complete shoe size up, because when beadwork is sown on the shoes lose elasticity.

Prices for our custom-beaded shoes are significantly less than that of beaded moccasins.

Take a look at some of our work. Each of these items was custom made items for people all across the country.

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"My moccasins from the Inner Circle Trade Company were custom-made to match existing colors in my costume.  They are high-quality and offer great protection. I'm very pleased with their appearance and with the quality of workmanship. I'd recommend them to anyone!"

Richard B.
St. Joseph, MO

"I never dreamed I would have fully beaded moccasins custom beaded to my specifications. But, that is exactly what I got from the Inner Circle Trade Co. I could not be more pleased. My beaded moccasins are an excellent addition to my costume."
Rick L.
St. Louis, Missouri

"The beaded moccasins are a great fit and will protect my tender feet for years to come! They were beaded to my pattern requirements and really match the rest of my legging and war shirt strips and cuffs. Fantastic job, Inner Circle!"
Mike P.
Ridgefield, WA

“If you are thinking of have any beadwork done, I would highly recommend that you contact MM Short Fire at the Inner Circle Trade Company.  In fact, if you need any assistance in finding any materials for costuming, give them a call.  If they don't have it, they will find it for you."

Scott H.

St. Joseph, MO

“About three years ago, I decided that I would buy for myself a pair of fully beaded moccasins, but yet I wasn't prepared to spend a king's ransom for them. I had previously heard many fine things about the Inner Circle Trading Company, but I was hardly ready for the experience that I was about to encounter… more click here.


Lon E.

Denver, CO


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